U.K based Illustrator and writer working with themes such as
the everyday, youth culture, community, and leisure.

My work is heavily inspired by d.i.y music cultures such as rave and pirate radio. I also draw visual inspiration from Indie Sleaze and flash photography taken at gatherings.

Currently committing to oil pastel. I also love watercolour, ink, digital drawing, and colour pencil portraiture.

Argot Powell is a moniker that encompasses my work's themes. an "argot" is a language of a subculture
and "Powell" is my great Grandmother's maiden name,
reminding me that I illustrate out of love for those around me.

Things i watch on youtube:

Wendigoon, Izzyzzz, Nostalgia Nerd, Jade Fox, Nexpo, Kaz Rowe, struthless, and Kylie.